Bugs Are Not The Enemy in Your Garden

Not having a healthy soil food web is

Remove your garden pests with one application of our patented bug killing solution. Hate bugs in your garden? We hate them even more, this is why you need our ultimate pesticide that will protect your fruits, vegetables, trees and flowers from any and all forms of bug life. These are some of the ads that we see for pesticides or lawn sprays, in an exaggerated form of course. The not exaggerated part is that we have come to detest bug life in our soil and our dislike for bugs is also killing the life in our soil. Like it or not, bugs are part of a healthy soil food web and we need them in order to have healthy soil.

Bug life is a part of a healthy ecosystem. Yes there are bugs that will eat your vegetables, fruits and flowers and this is natural and normal. What is not natural and normal is an outbreak of one or two types of bugs in your garden. These outbreaks tend to be happen because your soil does not have a healthy soil food web.

What is a healthy soil food web? A healthy soil food web means that your soil is the home for millions of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes. It means that your soil has bugs like worms, ants, spiders, praying mantises, aphids, earwigs, bees, ladybugs, pill bugs and a host of other bugs. It also means that your soil plays host to all different varieties of birds, squirrels and higher level predators.

Spiders are a gardener’s best friend — they will never go after anything that you are growing and they survive by eating the bugs that will eat your plants. Colorado potato beetles on the other hand are a potato growers nightmare. If Colorado potato beetles start multiplying in your garden or on your farm and you don’t have bugs like spiders, ladybugs and lacewings in your garden to control the Colorado potato beetle population then it is likely that an outbreak of Colorado potato beetles will happen and there is a good chance that you will lose your potato crops before they even start to produce.

There are so many other bugs that are beneficial and necessary in your soil. Earthworms help to break down plant material into usable organic materials and then poop out the usable materials so that the soil and your plants can access these materials to help them grow. Ground beetles live on a diet of slugs, caterpillars and cutworms and without having ground beetles in your soil there is a good chance that you eventually will get an outbreak of either slugs, caterpillars or cutworms, all of which love to feast on your plants. At the same time ground beetles will not be in your soil if they don’t have any food, so they actually need slugs, caterpillars and cutworms to survive. There is even a bug known as aphid midge. Aphid midges eat aphids and if you don’t allow different species of good bugs to survive then it is very easy to get an outbreak of bad bugs in your garden or farm.

Bad bugs (the ones that will eat your vegetables, flowers and fruit) are brilliant, they know when there is food for them and over time they flock to available food sources. If you don’t have a colony of good bugs to protect your crops then the population of the bad bugs will grow until they have reached a critical mass and you will start to see the bad bugs attacking your plants. Life is interconnected, beneficial bugs need predatory bugs, predatory bugs need food.

The interconnectedness of life is something that we should not mess with and this is why I am so strongly for organic gardening and farming methodologies. Pesticides are impartial, they kill both good bugs and bad bugs, which may sound great to you and the bag bugs will eventually adapt to the pesticides and become immune to them. By the time that the bad bugs have become immune to the pesticides, you are in big trouble as you will not have a colony of good bugs in place to protect the flowers, vegetables and fruit that you are growing.

Birds also do a fantastic job at killing bugs and if there is no food for a bird to eat because pesticides have been sprayed that killed the bug life that they need to survive, then birds will flock elsewhere and kill bug life elsewhere. So, by choosing organic methodologies and building a strong soil food web, you can naturally avert outbreaks of bad bugs and also create an ecosystem that supports good bugs like earthworms and pill bugs (pill bugs do a tremendous job at breaking down dead material in your soil and making it available for plants to use) which prevent bug outbreaks.

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