About Us

Pure Love Sustainability Inc. is a Boise, ID based sustainability company founded by Michael Forman.

Our mission is to reverse and eliminate climate change.

Every action that we take is focused on this goal and we offer sustainability consulting, food waste diversion consulting and programs, household waste diversion consulting, organic farmland restoration services, organic garden planning and design services as well as organic, sustainable farmer training to businesses, cities, homeowners, towns and states.

Times are a changin’ all throughout the U.S. More people are moving into cities than ever before which is straining the municipal water, power and electricity producing resources of a city, companies are being pushed by their shareholders and investors to be green and sustainable while not increasing costs, farmland is being lost to development which is threatening our food system and the U.S. is facing unprecedented weather events brought on by climate change that will affect the future in ways that we have never had our future threatened before.

Yet, in spite of all of these challenges, little to no action is being taken. We are here to take action on all of the aforementioned areas.

My background in sustainability is diverse and includes corporate food waste diversion, business energy-efficiency audits and projects, helping companies generate an ROI from their sustainability efforts, creating organic farms, teaching homeowners how to grow their own food and training young produce farmers how to farm organically and sustainably.

I am confident that I can address sustainability and local food system challenges for cities, towns and states, homeowners and business owners.

Please fill out a contact form if you are concerned about climate change in your city, town or state and want to discuss how we can work together to implement practical sustainable solutions to these challenges.