About Us

Pure Love Sustainability Inc. is a Boise, ID based sustainability consulting company. Our Founder Michael Forman is a native of New York City who moved to Boise in Jan. 2018 because he wanted to be able to help Boise citizens, communities, businesses, organizations and local governments reduce their environmental impact and reduce their impact on climate change. The idea for Pure Love Sustainability Inc. came about in December 2013 when Michael was the Founder of Pure Love Organic Farms and he realized that there is a huge need to create sustainable farms and the business has evolved from there into a sustainability consulting company.

Michael has worked with over 60 hotel, commercial kitchen, restaurant, stadium and grocery stores to help them reduce the amount of food waste that they send to landfill, reduce their carbon emissions and help his clients generate a rate of return on sustainability programs and sustainable technologies.

Michael has helped his clients divert 5,000 tons of food waste from the landfill and worked with his clients to prevent 4.2 gigatons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

Michael has also conducted energy-efficiency audits for his clients and helped his clients install energy-efficient LED lighting and energy-efficient water heaters that have saved his clients up to $1,400 per month.

Michael is personally committed to reversing and eliminating climate change and Pure Love Sustainability Inc. reflects Michael’s personal values and personal commitment to educate, inspire and lead people, communities, organizations, schools, businesses, farms and local governments to create a new future for the world through implementing sustainability programs, sustainable technologies and proving that sustainability can both make a difference for the planet and save money.

Every action that we take is focused on accomplishing our mission, we put our values first and we are working towards fulfilling upon our vision in the world.

We are confident that we can address the greatest sustainability challenges that people, communities, organizations, farms, businesses and local governments have.

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