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It’s Way Easier to be Vegan (and way more worth it) Than You Imagine

And it all comes down to transitioning to veganism in a way that works for you It’s sometimes funny being a male who is vegan. My wife is not vegan, which works as she’s not a big meat, dairy, nor egg eater anyway, and… Continue Reading “It’s Way Easier to be Vegan (and way more worth it) Than You Imagine”

Sharing My Goal

Sustainability has been the focus of my life since 2012 Climate change has been at the heart of Pure Love Sustainability Inc. since before I decided to start this business. In 2012, a few friends and I restored an illegal garbage dump site that… Continue Reading “Sharing My Goal”

The 5 Most Valuable Things That I Have Learned Since Starting My Business

And no, they have nothing to do with selling techniques, marketing strategies, networking effectiveness, profit margins, or any of the things that you may think that you need to know before you can start a business. 2019 has been a big year of learning… Continue Reading “The 5 Most Valuable Things That I Have Learned Since Starting My Business”

A Solutions-Based Approach to Climate Change

Focusing on the problems that climate change is causing often paralyzes people and stops them from taking action. Focusing on solutions provides opportunities for people to get into action. I would like to talk with you about how it is more effective to communicate… Continue Reading “A Solutions-Based Approach to Climate Change”

The Fashion Industry and Climate Change

The fashion industry produces more methane and carbon dioxide than the aviation and transportation industries combined and is the industry with the second largest contribution to climate change after agriculture. On Friday August 9th I presented at the Project Green Boise Sustainability Summit for… Continue Reading “The Fashion Industry and Climate Change”

I am a Highly Accomplished Sustainability Professional

And I’m no longer going to hide this for fear of making people feel bad or because I am worried about being too self-promotional Being a business owner is scary. In my experience, it takes a willingness to constantly step outside of your comfort… Continue Reading “I am a Highly Accomplished Sustainability Professional”

Is there a place for spiritual healing in politics

I’m going with something different today. There’s a lot of crazy s*** happening in America today and very few people in “positions of power” are addressing the inequality that has happened in our society for decades. While I did not watch the Democratic Presidential… Continue Reading “Is there a place for spiritual healing in politics”

Climate change is here, we now need to work to mitigate its harmful effects

I just had a very interesting conversation on Facebook with the founder of the Climate Change: Adaptation, Mitigation, Resilience Facebook group about how we cannot actually reverse climate change as the law of thermodynamics states that things can never reverse to their previous states.… Continue Reading “Climate change is here, we now need to work to mitigate its harmful effects”

Averting Climate Change Locally

Climate change is already in effect as global temperatures in many parts of the U.S. are already rising, seas levels are rising, ocean acidification is happening and we are seeing the impacts of these changes in the climate. I have been doing a lot… Continue Reading “Averting Climate Change Locally”

Pesticides are dangerous to human health

Pesticide drifts and dumps are becoming commonplace in conventionally farmed systems. It’s as if farmers believe that they cannot produce crops without using pesticides, chemical fertilizers, soil additives and chemical herbicides. What happened? Chemical farming has only existed for the last 50 or 60… Continue Reading “Pesticides are dangerous to human health”