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The universe handed me a mysterious assignment and I’m grateful that I took it on

Two roads diverged in a wood, and Iβ€”I took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the difference. The previous quote is absolutely not mine as I pursed it from the timeless poem, “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost and this… Continue Reading “The universe handed me a mysterious assignment and I’m grateful that I took it on”

Do you downplay your accomplishments

Cut it out and start being proud of the great work that you have done and are doing. Owning a business has been powerful for me in ways that I did not imagine. One of the ways that owning a business has been powerful… Continue Reading “Do you downplay your accomplishments”

A Simple Introduction to Electricity Production

Electricity is something we all take for granted. Like really take for granted and the process of producing electricity is complex, can involve heavy-duty equipment and takes an incredible amount of energy. The fact that it takes energy to produce energy is in itself… Continue Reading “A Simple Introduction to Electricity Production”

Running your business on your own seems like valiant idea, and…

I always thought that I could run a business on my own and over the last couple of months I have come to realize how foolish my ambition to do it all on my own is. Fighting for your independence. Searching for your creativity.… Continue Reading “Running your business on your own seems like valiant idea, and…”

Finding light at the end of the tunnel

Fear, worry, concern, and doubt met head on by optimism, excitement, passion and authenticity spawns new life, new birth, and new creation for myself and Pure Love Sustainability Inc. I want to thank all of the people in my life who have reached out… Continue Reading “Finding light at the end of the tunnel”

Acidic soil, alkaline soil, who cares?

Soil pH plays a large role in determining what can and cannot be grown in a garden or on a farm Soil is more than dirt and more than just a medium that you can grow grass, vegetables, flowers and trees in. Soil is… Continue Reading “Acidic soil, alkaline soil, who cares?”

Composting 2.0

Turning your compost into compost tea will take your composting game to the next level Compost is one of the best soil amendments that you can add to your soil. High-quality, finished compost naturally adds nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous and other minerals to your soil… Continue Reading “Composting 2.0”

Bugs Are Not The Enemy in Your Garden

Not having a healthy soil food web is Remove your garden pests with one application of our patented bug killing solution. Hate bugs in your garden? We hate them even more, this is why you need our ultimate pesticide that will protect your fruits,… Continue Reading “Bugs Are Not The Enemy in Your Garden”

Stop Giving Your Time, Energy and Money To Your Lawn

Replace your lawn with native plants to save money, time and energy In my work with homeowners to create the gardens of their dreams, I have been dealing with a lot of lawns that homeowners want me to find solutions for. I have been… Continue Reading “Stop Giving Your Time, Energy and Money To Your Lawn”

Creating a Sustainable, Local Food System Starts in Your Home

Your home garden can be the key to overcoming the loss of farmland and widespread development of our rural and suburban land Development and loss of farmland throughout the United States is going to wreck havoc on our food system. Yes we need to… Continue Reading “Creating a Sustainable, Local Food System Starts in Your Home”