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Gardening and Activism

The two are more intertwined than you might imagine Merriam-Webster dictionary defines activism as a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct vigorous action especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue. Pretty straight-forward and after reading the definition of activism… Continue Reading “Gardening and Activism”

Soil Health is Key to Raised Bed Gardening Success

Most potting soils and soil that you buy from garden centers have short supplies of nutrients and in order to be successful for years to come with raised bed gardening you must supply nutrients to these soils. Raised bed gardeners beware, standard potting soil… Continue Reading “Soil Health is Key to Raised Bed Gardening Success”

The Organic No-Till Methodology for Gardeners

Gardens can benefit tremendously from the organic no-till methodology Organic no-till agriculture is the ultimate way, in my opinion, to restore the health of your soil. Organic no-till agriculture involves planting cover crops either in between or at the end of your season, killing… Continue Reading “The Organic No-Till Methodology for Gardeners”

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones

Knowing what can and cannot grow in your climate zone can significantly accelerate your gardening success rate. Three weeks ago I met with a client who said that they wanted to grow food in their yard for the first-time. During our consultation he said… Continue Reading “USDA Plant Hardiness Zones”

Soil is Alive

The life that exists or doesn’t exist in your soil produce the results that you get in your garden. Soil is comprised of a mixture of bacteria, fungi, algae, minerals, nutrients, protozoa, nematodes, ants, worms, spiders and a host of other creatures and organisms… Continue Reading “Soil is Alive”

The Gardeners Journey

Starting a garden is exciting, having a productive garden three years later is a success Gardening seems magical and it both is and is not magical. Yes it is magical when you plant a small vegetable or flower seed and it grows into a… Continue Reading “The Gardeners Journey”

Why First-Time Gardeners Need to Start Small

Building healthy soil is the key to growing healthy food. Many first-time gardeners get so excited about the potential to grow all of their own food and create ambitious plans to do so. I love the excitement and am all for people growing there… Continue Reading “Why First-Time Gardeners Need to Start Small”

Wild and crazy ambition

It takes nerve, verve and big dreams to make a difference in the world and without it I don’t think I could have kept on going and kept on pursuing my dreams. I’m going to riff here. A lot of people probably think I’m… Continue Reading “Wild and crazy ambition”

Intermittent fasting can be easy with proper support.

If intermittent fasting intrigues you, doing it with the support of an experienced health coach or intermittent fasting guide can set you up for success. I started experimenting with intermittent fasting 3 weeks ago after a conversation with my friend Will Ruggles who is… Continue Reading “Intermittent fasting can be easy with proper support.”

What we tell ourselves gives us our realities.

How I realized that healing my physical injuries was only a part of the puzzle. You may not know it and I am health coach – a really freaking brilliant health coach in fact. I was trained by a Medical Doctor in how to… Continue Reading “What we tell ourselves gives us our realities.”