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Creating Fully Sustainable Cities

The intersection of our mission and your passion can make it happen As the owner of Pure Love Sustainability Inc, I am finding that many people that I am talking to in the 24 – 35 year age group want to do something to… Continue Reading “Creating Fully Sustainable Cities”

Sustainability: The ability to sustain life

No matter what your beliefs, views, morals, ethics, economic principles, etc. are we all share in the desire to sustain life because we too are life. If you break down the word sustainability into its roots you are left with the words sustain and… Continue Reading “Sustainability: The ability to sustain life”

Do These 7 Things and You Will Immediately Improve Your Health

Take these actions everyday for 3 months to drastically improve your health If we want to β€œMake America Great Again” then universal health care is just one starting point. Did you know that out of the 33 countries in the world that are labeled… Continue Reading “Do These 7 Things and You Will Immediately Improve Your Health”

Building a Case for Community Solar

Solar power and community solar make so much sense when you understand how standard electricity works. I was reading an article that Idaho just started offering community solar and got super-excited about it as this can make solar power available to people who don’t… Continue Reading “Building a Case for Community Solar”

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. β€” Izaak Walton