*Pure Love Sustainability Inc.

There is no one cookie cutter answer to reversing climate change. There is no one obvious solution. There is no one clear path. The path to reversing climate change is not black and white, in fact it’s not any one color at all.

Solar will make a difference, wind power will make a difference, sustainable fashion will make a difference, organic farming will make a difference and none of these things are the solution. Maybe this is what frustrates you about the potential to reverse climate change, that there is no one way, Maybe that does not frustrate you. Either way being defeated about climate change will produce nothing at all.

The solution is within all of us and when I say all of us I also mean businesses. I believe that reversing climate change is a collective effort that involves each and every human being choosing three or more solutions that they want to take on that will make a difference in reversing climate change and go all in on implementing these solutions in your life.

If you are unsure of what the solutions are or how to implement them ask us as we are happy to share them with you and give you the power to implement them in your life.

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