We provide health coaching services that help you to permanently eliminate any health issue (s) that you have that are preventing you from doing the things that you love.

Our founder, Michael Forman, is a health coach that had the privilege of being trained by a Medical Doctor in how to reverse disease, illness and chronic health conditions by using a whole foods, plant-based diet.

Being trained by an MD provided Michael with a high-level and extremely in-depth understanding of the systems of the body, how our bodily systems respond when they are affected by a medical condition and how a whole foods, plant-based diet can restore the health of the systems of our bodies and subsequently reverse disease. He also learned that each health issue and each person is different and creates customized programs for his clients that focus on their health issue (s) that take into account their individual symptoms and circumstances.

Compassion is one of the key elements of your health coaching program as it is very hard dealing with a health issue that is impacting your life in a significant way. My goal is to work with you to slowly reverse your health issue and create a program that works for you and one that allows healing over time while considering you as a person and the challenges that you are facing.

A whole foods, plant-based diet can cause the following positive effects for people who suffer from a wide variety of health conditions:

Strengthening the immune system

Reducing inflammation

Increasing the stress tolerance of your body so that your body deals experiences stress in a healthier, safer and much more manageable way

Reducing the strength and severity of your symptoms

Being able to do the things that you love without being concerned about your health

Michael works with his clients over a six to twelve month period to identify the underlying causes of their health issue (s) and to neutralize the factor (s) that are causing them.

All health coaching programs start with a sixty-minute intake call where Michael learns your health history, learns more about what triggers your health issue (s), goes into detail about what you are currently doing to deal with your health issue and understand how your lifestyle is currently impacted by your health issue (s).

During the intake call you will also create a goal that you want to accomplish that is based on an activity that you love to do that you have not been able to fully participate in as a result of your health issue.

Once your intake call is complete, we will have bi-weekly one on one phone calls and during these calls we will slowly introduce the pillars of a whole foods, plant-based diet.

When your immune system starts start get stronger, a reduction in your body’s inflammatory response happens and as soon as your body is experiencing fewer of the symptoms that you were experiencing we will go right to work on diminishing the factors that are causing your health issue.

You can count on Michael to be sensitive to your condition and to make and all necessary adjustments along the way throughout your health coaching program.

If you are looking to create a life where you are free of any health condition, medical issue or disease that you currently have please request an initial health coaching discovery call by clicking here