Creating organic, sustainable soils

Ever since a few friends and I created an organic flower farm from an illegal garbage dump site in New York City, I knew that I had a special skill in restoring the health of the soil and teaching people how to grow organic and sustainable produce and flowers.

My mission was brought to life by a letter to the editor that I read in Organic Gardening Magazine about a young woman who just graduated agricultural training and said that neither she nor her cohort of classmates had enough money to buy farmland and had to take other jobs to hope to save enough money to one day start their farms. I knew that we had a huge problem on our hands as our food system would be in trouble if we could not replace our current generation of farmers — most of whom are 60 years old and up and I knew that the skills that I learned on our farm could make a big difference here. The foundation of Pure Love Sustainability Inc. is to create a safe food system for the short-term and long-term health of the world.

Inside of this mission, our goal is to create new acres of organic, sustainable produce farmland and to train farmers and homeowners to farm/garden organically and sustainably.

We are work with people who want to farm and don’t have access to land, current produce farmers who want to learn how to farm organically and sustainably and with homeowners to help them create the gardens of their dreams.

If you are looking to restore the health of a piece of land that you own, learn organic and sustainable farming techniques or create an organic farm click here so we can discuss your farm/farming goals.

When it comes with our work with homeowners, we offer four unique services to help you to create the garden of your dreams and are services are tailored to fit your specific gardening knowledge and background:

1. The Full-Service Program:

The full-service program is designed for homeowners who want to start a garden and grow your own vegetables and/or flowers, but have no idea where to start.

You will receive the following benefits from the full-service program:

  • An initial consultation to assess your potential garden space, to learn more about the vision that you have for your garden and to learn more about the type of garden that you want to create.
  • No need to source any of the materials for your garden as I take care of this and only charge you what I paid to purchase these items
  • Three one on one consultation sessions that are designed to teach you how to plant and care for the seeds, bushes, trees and plants that you planted.
  • A year-long garden plan that includes tools and techniques to restore the health of your soil at the end of the season.

We understand that gardening can be challenging and with the right support you could have a garden up and running with seeds planted in 4 days or less. Fill out a contact form on my website to discuss how we can work together to make this a possibility for you and your home.

To learn more about how you can get a garden up and running at your home in 72 hours or less fill out a contact form by clicking here

2.     The Garden Support Program:

The garden support program is perfect for the semi-experienced gardener who is looking to take their home garden to the next level.

You will receive the following benefits from the garden support program:

An initial consultation that focuses on you and your garden goals

A garden design plan that is focused on organically maximizing your flower, fruit and vegetable yields for the year.

Two to three consultations that are focused on teaching you techniques that can maximize your garden success.

You will also learn about companion planting techniques that will naturally enhance the growth of certain flowers and vegetables

The cost of the garden support program varies based on your garden goals for the year and I aim to work within your budget and provide extraordinary results for you.

To schedule your initial no-cost consultation click here

3.     Garden Opportunities Program:

Is your garden not performing the way that you wanted it to? Let the Soil Pro come by and get your garden on track ASAP.

You will receive the following benefits from the garden opportunities program:

  • A 90-minute consultation that is focused on solving any and all garden challenges that you faced last year.
  • Diagnosis of the exact issue (s) that are preventing your from producing the results that you want in your garden.
  • Easily actionable, and cost-effective solutions to these challenges.

The cost for this consultation is $50 and you can schedule as many or as few of these consultations as you need to turn your garden challenges into opportunities. To schedule your garden opportunities consultation click here:

To schedule your initial no-cost consultation click here

4.     Garden Structure Building:

This program can be an add-on to any of the above programs or a stand-alone service depending on what your needs are.

I offer specialized garden building services to build benches, compost bins, trellises, planting beds and other garden structures.

  • All of the items that I build are made of wood and you can choose the type of wood that you would like me to build with.
  • The cost to build garden structures depends on how in-depth the building project is and the costs of the materials that you want me to use

To schedule your no-cost garden structure building consultation click here

Business sustainability consulting and training

I have worked with over 70 hotels, restaurants, commercial kitchens, stadiums, food service companies, grocery stores and other food businesses to reduce the amount of food waste that they send to landfill and setup recycling processes that make sense for the way food service operations work so the staff can have only minimal interruption to their work while helping your company meet its sustainability goals.

The services that I offer for businesses include:

Waste stream identification and discovery

Commercial composting

Recycling planning

If you own or manage a food business and are looking to implement sustainability efforts that are sensical, easy to use and easy for your staff to implement, please fill out a contact form to schedule a discovery meeting