Pure Love Organic Farms Boise

I moved to Boise in Jan. 2018 with the goal of creating 1,000,000 acres of new, organic, sustainable produce farmland that I could rent to young farmers at prices that are more affordable than they could buy land at and to train young produce farmers how to farm organically and sustainably.

I have been looking for land since Feb. 2018 to start a test farm on. Thanks to an awesome referral from someone whom I met in Nov. 2018, I was able to agree with a homeowner in Boise in May 2019 to use a piece of their land to start Pure Love Organic Farms Boise.

You may be asking yourself, what is a test farm? A test farm is a farm that is used to experiment with and test one or more agricultural techniques to gather data to prove that a certain technique or techniques are effective/ineffective methods to grow certain crops, enhance the health of the soil, amend soil with, etc..

The test that I am conducting at Pure Love Organic Farms Boise is:

How does organic no-till agriculture benefit soil health, increase organic matter in the soil, and increase the soils ability to store carbon.

Why does this matter? I am an ardent believer in restoring the health of the soil. The organic no-till agricultural method is used to eliminate pesticide use, increase soil organic matter to the point that farmers and gardeners no longer need to use chemical fertilizers, to increase soil organisms which benefit the short-term and long-term ability of the soil to produce healthy crops and allow for the soil to pull carbon from the air and store it in the soil hence reducing the amount of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

I am so excited to begin working on the farm and would love for the Boise community to be involved to get the farm off the ground and am looking to teach the organic no-till method and other organic and sustainable gardening and farming methodologies to any and everyone who wants to learn how to restore the health of the soil and create healthy ecosystems for bugs, birds, bees and the planet!

When it comes to Pure Love Organic Farms Boise, I am very adamant about keeping true to the name of the farm and ensuring that every practice that we utilize is organic, sustainable and restores the health of the soil and the earth. I have created a charter for Pure Love Organic Farms Boise that outlines how we operate

Pure Love Organic Farms Boise Charter:

We use USDA organic certified seeds and plants as often as possible.

We only use soil amendments that are either USDA certified organic or on the OMRI approved list

We create soils that are alive and teeming with microbes

Every action that we take restores the health of our soil, gives back as much as we take from the soil and creates a strong soil food web

Pesticide, herbicide, fungicide and/or chemical fertilizer use is not allowed under any circumstance.

We cultivate habitats that are beneficial for bugs, birds, bees and other creatures and utilize natural solutions to cultivate an ecosystem that is balanced and supportive of all forms of life.

If you want to know more about the organic no-till method of gardening and farming, want to learn about organic and sustainable gardening and farming methods, have a question or want to participate at Pure Love Organic Farms Boise, please send me an email at: