Our goal is to provide the right sustainable solution for each of our clients and we offer completely customizable programs and solutions that match the way that your organization or team works.

  1. We operate a MATRIX-ed approach which allows us to very tightly tailor your precise needs at this time into a service just for you and your organization. The ELEMENTS of the matrix include:
    • Discovery
    • Definition
    • Design
    • Delivery

  3. SCOPE of areas of impacted can be:
    • Individual
    • Group/Team
    • Organization
    • City/County/State
    • Inter/National
    • Planetary
  4. SERVICE Levels of service would be: Gold, Silver, Bronze relative to how comprehensively we work with you and your project
  5. ROLE: Coach, Consultant, Mentor, Teacher, Speaker…

We typically provide the following solution packages to our clients:

Sustainability consulting

We provide sustainability consulting services that help our clients reach their food waste diversion goals, recycling goals, cost-savings goals, energy-efficiency goals and carbon emissions reduction goals across all levels of your organization.

Cost analyses of implementing sustainability programs

We provide waste audits, site surveys, labor analyses, energy-efficiency audits for office buildings, hotels, commercial kitchens, stadiums, restaurants, universities, warehouses and grocery stores that clarify the cost-savings that would be available to you by implementing sustainability programs.

Sustainability Program Implementations

After we have collaboratively identified the sustainability program (s) that makes the most sense for your business we will come in and implement the program at your business, onboard and train your staff on the new processes and/or technologies and help you design systems and processes to have your staff successfully implement the new sustainability program.


For more info on how we can help your business reach their sustainability goals, reduce costs and enhance productivity please contact us here


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