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Sharing My Goal

Sustainability has been the focus of my life since 2012 Climate change has been at the heart of Pure Love Sustainability Inc. since before I decided to start this business. In 2012, a few friends and I restored an illegal garbage dump site that… Continue Reading “Sharing My Goal”

Climate change is here, we now need to work to mitigate its harmful effects

I just had a very interesting conversation on Facebook with the founder of the Climate Change: Adaptation, Mitigation, Resilience Facebook group about how we cannot actually reverse climate change as the law of thermodynamics states that things can never reverse to their previous states.… Continue Reading “Climate change is here, we now need to work to mitigate its harmful effects”

Averting Climate Change Locally

Climate change is already in effect as global temperatures in many parts of the U.S. are already rising, seas levels are rising, ocean acidification is happening and we are seeing the impacts of these changes in the climate. I have been doing a lot… Continue Reading “Averting Climate Change Locally”