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Sharing My Goal

Sustainability has been the focus of my life since 2012 Climate change has been at the heart of Pure Love Sustainability Inc. since before I decided to start this business. In 2012, a few friends and I restored an illegal garbage dump site that… Continue Reading “Sharing My Goal”

The Fashion Industry and Climate Change

The fashion industry produces more methane and carbon dioxide than the aviation and transportation industries combined and is the industry with the second largest contribution to climate change after agriculture. On Friday August 9th I presented at the Project Green Boise Sustainability Summit for… Continue Reading “The Fashion Industry and Climate Change”

I am a Highly Accomplished Sustainability Professional

And I’m no longer going to hide this for fear of making people feel bad or because I am worried about being too self-promotional Being a business owner is scary. In my experience, it takes a willingness to constantly step outside of your comfort… Continue Reading “I am a Highly Accomplished Sustainability Professional”

Running your business on your own seems like valiant idea, and…

I always thought that I could run a business on my own and over the last couple of months I have come to realize how foolish my ambition to do it all on my own is. Fighting for your independence. Searching for your creativity.… Continue Reading “Running your business on your own seems like valiant idea, and…”

Sustainability: The ability to sustain life

No matter what your beliefs, views, morals, ethics, economic principles, etc. are we all share in the desire to sustain life because we too are life. If you break down the word sustainability into its roots you are left with the words sustain and… Continue Reading “Sustainability: The ability to sustain life”